The Charlotte streetcar: Y’all have got it wrong

Charlotte streetcar is launched July 14. Photo: Erin Chantry
Since I celebrated the launch of Charlotte’s streetcar I’ve cringed as the news media got it wrong and people made fun of it. If more people understood its value to neglected areas and to the whole city’s future, more people would support it. Commentary.

Mapping Charlotte in your mind

Student-drawn map of Charlotte. Courtesy Bill Graves
A UNC Charlotte geography professor asks students on the first day of class to draw a map of Charlotte. They’re free to draw whatever they want. The resulting drawings offer a provocative window into how our minds picture the place where we live.

I-485, the road that shape-shifted Charlotte growth

The last piece of I-485 opened June 5, but for two decades its route has lured development. A look at the outerbelt's history, and an interactive timeline map showing how it shaped Mecklenburg County development for 25 years.