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Towns fear loss of government offices will sap downtown vitality

Several local governments in the N.C. Piedmont are considering moving offices out of downtown. Those plans worry downtown development officials and business owners, who fear foot traffic - and downtown vitality - will be lost.

Will light rail change the way University City develops?

It was back-to-school week last week at UNC Charlotte, the 1,000-acre campus that sits in the heart of University City, an area that - if it were a separate municipality - would be North Carolina's sixth largest city. What challenges is it facing? 

Can innovative interchange plan survive suburbia?

With the final leg of I-485 almost finished, residents near the Prosperity Church Road interchange are bracing for growth. That's where a 1999 plan calls for an “urban village” of compact streets and walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods. But will the growth really follow that plan? 

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