Ever wondered ... what's the oldest building in uptown Charlotte?

Compare the Charlotte skyline of 1975 with today’s, and the city is almost unrecognizable. In creating this newer city, we have destroyed much of the old. What are uptown's oldest surviving buildings?

Jackson: Sprawling cities, towns may be killing us

Mecklenburg subdivision, 2005 photo, Nancy Pierce
Public health expert Richard Jackson thinks it’s time to stop blaming individuals for the U.S. obesity problem. The problem, he says, is more systemic, including the auto-centric design of daily life and easy access to high-sugar and high-fat food.

How much do you know about Charlotte's creeks? Take our quiz

Little Sugar Creek south of Sharon Road West. Photo: Nancy Pierce
To whet your appetite for next week’s series of "City of Creeks" articles at PlanCharlotte, test your knowledge of the creeks of Mecklenburg County with a short quiz. 
A before and after look at how simple design changes could dramatically improve the Charlotte region. For more information visit completeblocks.com