Nov 30, 2017
How can we stop design and planning mistakes from damaging our city? Part 2 in a series of illustrated essays on urban design. Commentary from David Walters.
Oct 12, 2017
How can we distinguish between good development proposals and the not-so-good? First in a series of illustrated essays explaining urban design principles.
Jul 25, 2016
What would you tell architects that they need to understand about cities? Commentary.
Jul 05, 2016
As a student in 1974, I had no idea Ron Morgan would have such an impact on my life, the lives of many others, and the trajectory of physical form and civic life in Charlotte and the region. Commentary.
Mar 16, 2016
Air quality is important inside buildings as well as outside. A UNC Charlotte associate professor is using indoor plants to filter out pollutants in the air inside several new buildings. A conversation with Jefferson Ellinger. Part of the KEEPING WATCH on AIR initiative.
Nov 16, 2015
“You're an architect! Can you tell me why all these new buildings are so ugly?” If I earned $100 each time I’ve answered that question in the last few months, I could treat my wife to a vacation in Tuscany. Commentary.
Dec 10, 2014
The first major survey of Charlotte historic resources in 30 years says demolition and development have shrunk historic sections of three local historic districts. It also recommends possibly adding more historic districts, especially in northwest Charlotte.
Apr 16, 2014
When you list the many people in Charlotte who've been prodding the city and region to grow in a more urban way, UNC Charlotte's David Walters should be among those at the top of that list. Next month, he'll retire from teaching. (Photo courtesy David Walters)
Sep 04, 2013
Four properties proposed for historic landmarking will go before the Charlotte City Council on Monday – from the ruins of a Colonial-era grist mill site to a 1960s Modernist home. (Photo: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission)
Jul 18, 2013
The question is widely debated among experts and in the press. Do surveys showing more preference for walkable, in-town neighborhoods measure a fleeting fad, or portend the end of suburbia? A UNC Charlotte geographer looks deeper. (Photo: Nancy Pierce)
Jun 11, 2013
Density is important in making neighborhoods walkable, but other things are, too, says author Julie Campoli. Her new book helps readers recognize them. (Photo: Used with permission, Julie Campoli © 2012)
Apr 24, 2013
A moody night-time shot of a more than 200-year-old house outside Huntersville, and a sliver of a moon over uptown Charlotte. Those photos, by Kevin J. Beaty, were what took the top honors in's one-year anniversary photo contest. Click here to see all the winning photos. (...
Mar 19, 2013
In conjunction with the photographic exhibit, Favelas: Architecture of Survival, the UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture will hold a reception Friday, 6-8 p.m., at the Projective Eye Gallery at UNC Charlotte Center City.
Feb 28, 2013
The historic Duke Mansion was nearly lost once to fire and later to plans to convert it to condominiums. Its historic landscape is just as vulnerable. But some outstanding efforts are preserving its tree-studded setting. (Image: Bing Maps)
Jan 08, 2013
The house at Cedarwood Lane once sat on the eastern outskirts of the city, a wooded, secluded haven in the 1960s where artists would gather on Sunday afternoons. Today, it’s a potential historic landmark in a city that has never opened its heart to Mid-Century Modern architecture.
Jan 08, 2013
In Charlotte: The Praise Connor and Harriett Lee House 3714 Country Ridge Road in the Mountainbrook neighborhood Built in 1963; designed by architect Praise Connor Lee Designated in 2002 The Robert and Elizabeth Lassiter House 726 Hempstead Place in Eastover neighborhood Built in 1951 (...
Dec 06, 2012
Ghosts and cities often occur together, and not only in fiction. Kevin Lynch writes about how we "read" cities. Many descriptions of our surroundings are accompanied by the ghosts of what used to be there. Changes can leave scars on our mental map.
Nov 27, 2012
Learning to speak each other's language about urbanism means understanding New Urbanism, Landscape Urbanism and more. So let’s sort a few things out and get at some simple definitions.
Nov 06, 2012
PARIS – I saw the future in Paris. It looks a lot like uptown Charlotte circa 1989, but with flashier architecture. In the French capital earlier this year, I visited La Défense, the huge development that half a century ago was envisioned as the future of Paris, a district of towering offices and wide plazas. Today it’s an office park whose huge cube monument doesn’t make up for its being dead at night.
Jun 07, 2012
This article supports plans to build a new ballpark for the Charlotte Knights uptown. Read architect Murray Whisnant's article opposing the idea here. A new Charlotte Knights stadium uptown will be a catalyst for urban development, add to the character of the cityscape and let families and...
Jun 05, 2012
Missing from recent discussion about granting more public money for a privately developed baseball park in Third Ward is any talk about the potential advantages of using the land for public purposes year-round. Architect Murray Whisnant would save the Virginia Paper Co. building and build an Energy Park.
Jun 05, 2012
What does uptown Charlotte need more: a baseball stadium or a large public park dedicated to showcase energy technology and local food? As the Charlotte City Council prepares to vote on using $7.25 million in city money to help the Charlotte Knights build a ballpark, Charlotte architects Murray Whisnant and Marley Carroll take opposing positions.  
May 25, 2012
As a Third Ward resident, urban design student and enthusiastic cyclist, I frequent the streets of uptown. Most of my trips are not by car, which means I travel at a slower pace and can absorb my surroundings. I recently started to pay closer attention to the walls and how they contribute, or not, to a positive city experience. This is an investigation into capturing opportunities. Send us your ideas, as well.
May 07, 2012
The Charlotte neighborhoods of Belmont and Villa Heights are experiencing an influx of white, professional residents in search of affordable housing close to uptown. Piedmont Courts, a housing project that dates to the 1940s, is gone, and crime is declining.  Click here to read the article...
Jul 27, 2011
Just for fun, before watching Monday night’s Charlotte City Council hearing on the newest plan for downtown Charlotte, I hauled out my yellowing copy of the 1966 Odell Plan. (See original drawings from the plan here.)   It’s both fun and humbling to see how stunningly wrong that plan...
Mar 03, 2011
What should Charlotte look like?  When discussing urban design many planners, architects and developers assume that what works in New York, San Francisco and Portland should work here.  This assumption ignores the reality that Southerners have a very different perspective on "...