Dec 13, 2016
Over our 50-year history at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, we’ve been committed to looking at the whole Charlotte region. So a growing divide – real or perceived – among urban, suburban and rural areas is something we take seriously.
May 31, 2016
A hidden inscription. A memorial to a heroic teacher. A mural depiction of well-loved burger cooks. Charlotte neighborhoods have plenty of stories to tell, and during a month of City Walks hundreds of participants heard some of them. A photo slideshow. 
Nov 13, 2015
A Stanly County Museum exhibit tells the story of an unusual European immigrant family and may inspire deeper thinking about issues ranging from regional history, to the importance of place and identity, to the legacy of slavery. 
Nov 04, 2015
A proposal working its way through the city zoning process could create something new for Charlotte: a special kind of zoning designed specifically for one neighborhood, in this instance a part of South End that's touting its gold-mining history.
Jun 18, 2015
A 21st-century writer is walking the route explorer John Lawson took in 1700-01 through the Carolinas, including now-much-altered Charlotte. 
Jun 02, 2015
Although originating in British and European concepts, U.S. land use zoning today differs markedly from other countries. A new book explores how zoning codes reveal American values and prompts concern about coming challenges. Book review/commentary. 
May 27, 2015
Aided by some surprising coincidences, a curious and determined librarian located the Gaston County site where a famous French botanist first recorded the bigleaf magnolia tree.
May 13, 2015
Mecklenburg’s 3,000 miles of creeks run through every part of the county, including uptown Charlotte. But many of uptown’s small creeks are hidden from view. An 1877 map offers clues to finding where those creeks once ran.
Apr 08, 2015
You're invited to a citywide celebration of neighborhoods, called Jane's Walks, May 1-3. Join in one of this year's walks and bike rides, or organize one in your own neighborhood.
Mar 06, 2015
PlanCharlotte.org, an online publication of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, sponsored free neighborhood workshops March 3, and March 7, to offer residents ways they could learn more about their neighborhoods. The workshops were intended, in part, to encourage residents to organize Jane's Walks through their neighborhoods the first weekend in May.
Feb 23, 2015
I’ve long had a question about the nature of uptown Charlotte. Why do Charlotte's uptown blocks look more like "diamonds” than “squares"?
Dec 10, 2014
The first major survey of Charlotte historic resources in 30 years says demolition and development have shrunk historic sections of three local historic districts. It also recommends possibly adding more historic districts, especially in northwest Charlotte.
May 07, 2014
The whole point of the Jane's Walks - which honor legendary urban activist Jane Jacobs - is to discover things in your own city that you might not have known. And I did. Includes photo slideshow. (Photo: Mary Newsom)
Apr 09, 2014
From Hyde Park to Sheffield Park to Madison Park, Charlotte neighborhoods are filled with people who love where they live. The Jane's Walk festival May 2-4 offers a way to show the world what's great about where you live. (Photo: Mary Newsom)
Mar 26, 2014
Imagine a Gold Museum, homes, stores, offices – even a bowling alley and skateboard park – in a corner of South End. That's the vision of business and property owners in the area, which they've dubbed the Gold District. (Image: Stephen Overcash)
Mar 25, 2014
For the past two years, PlanCharlotte.org has sponsored neighborhood walks encouraging folks to get to know their places better, in honor of urban activist Jane Jacobs. This year we're expanding into a festival of six Jane’s Walks May 2-4, in partnership with Janeswalk.org and with funding from the Knight Foundation. (Photo: Mary Newsom)
Dec 10, 2013
Photographer Nancy Pierce's visual story of people and places along U.S. 21 offers a window into the way the road, like the region, has reinvented itself over time.
Dec 02, 2013
Less than two weeks after an inspiring visit to Yosemite, I was back at Crowders Mountain State Park on the Kings Pinnacle Trail. I am grateful to have such a destination so near home, and from the top I often reflect on the rich history of the peaks and the Piedmont below. (Photo: Steve Copulsky)
Sep 04, 2013
With help from a federal grant, the City of Charlotte will for the first time in 30 years survey its historic buildings and neighborhoods to identify potential historic districts and landmarks. (Photo: Nancy Pierce)
Sep 04, 2013
Four properties proposed for historic landmarking will go before the Charlotte City Council on Monday – from the ruins of a Colonial-era grist mill site to a 1960s Modernist home. (Photo: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission)
Feb 28, 2013
The historic Duke Mansion was nearly lost once to fire and later to plans to convert it to condominiums. Its historic landscape is just as vulnerable. But some outstanding efforts are preserving its tree-studded setting. (Image: Bing Maps)
Jan 29, 2013
Some well-known intersections in the city hide the remnants of a now forgotten, but once major highway through the Carolinas. It was known as Potter Road and its name referred to the one-time pottery industry in western Lincoln County. Today, after neighbors pushed the city to save a piece of the old road's route, an obscure patch of trees at Central Avenue and Kilborne Road is all that’s left to tell the story.
Jan 08, 2013
The house at Cedarwood Lane once sat on the eastern outskirts of the city, a wooded, secluded haven in the 1960s where artists would gather on Sunday afternoons. Today, it’s a potential historic landmark in a city that has never opened its heart to Mid-Century Modern architecture.
Jan 08, 2013
In Charlotte: The Praise Connor and Harriett Lee House 3714 Country Ridge Road in the Mountainbrook neighborhood Built in 1963; designed by architect Praise Connor Lee Designated in 2002 The Robert and Elizabeth Lassiter House 726 Hempstead Place in Eastover neighborhood Built in 1951 (...
Oct 05, 2012
In any other time, the request might not have been so hard. But a nonprofit developer’s plea for $2.3 million in city money from federal grants to restore a historic NoDa textile mill came after a lingering economic downturn, and after the city had already put $6.7 million into the property. Why is it so hard to restore an important piece of city history? Well, it’s complicated ...
Oct 02, 2012
Sept. 27 marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of Silent Spring, widely recognized as the beginning of the modern environmental movement. The golden anniversary is a good time to reflect, again, on its remarkable author.
Jun 24, 2012
After almost 20 years of false starts and a near demolition, Gastonia’s most famous textile mill is likely to be redeveloped at last, city officials said Sunday.
Sep 08, 2011
It took years, multiple political strategies, a bond vote, patience, weathering a brutal and ongoing economic downturn, more patience, and – finally – a multimedia event under a tent on a hot asphalt parking lot. But last Friday, ground was broken for a new uptown park.