Mecklenburg County

Below are articles about Mecklenburg County or about the whole metropolitan region.

Hear how one city tamed its mean streets

Janette Sadik-Khan sits in Times Square. At a public discussion April 4, hear how this champion for bicycling and pedestrians helped tame New York’s streets.

Safer bicycling? City proposes two protected lanes through uptown Charlotte

Bike share rack buffers bike lane, right, from traffic lane, left, in Manhattan. Photo: Martin Zimmerman With surveys showing plenty of Charlotteans would bicycle more if they felt safer, city planners propose two better-protected bike routes through uptown. 

3 ways to learn about affordable housing solutions

A bungalow for sale in 2012 in the Villa Heights neighborhood. Photo: Nancy Pierce Three upcoming events will examine issues of housing affordability and neighborhood action in Charlotte.

Survey offers guidance for biking equity in Charlotte

Bike rider amid the trees at Toby Creek Greenway through the UNC Charlotte campus. Photo: Nancy Pierce When more people bicycle, we all win – even those who never ride. Diving into the results from a Charlotte bicycling survey offers clues to some existing inequities. Commentary.

Driving alone? Way2Go CLT wants to change that

Bicycle parked in uptown Charlotte. Photo: Nancy Pierce A new initiative is using prizes as incentive to encourage people to reduce single-occupancy trips by car. The project runs March 1-Oct. 31.

Tell the city what you think about its new bike plan

Bicycles parked outside the Common Market in Plaza Midwood. Photo: Nancy Pierce The City of Charlotte wants public reaction to the draft of its updated bicycle plan. Here’s how you can add your voice.

With more deer but few predators, county turns to hunts

Deer leaps at edge of woods in north Mecklenburg. Photo: Nancy Pierce When a wildlife habitat lacks natural predators, some species become over-abundant. Deer herds are healthier, experts say, when controlled hunting is allowed. Part of the 2017 KEEPING WATCH on HABITAT project.

To you it’s a place to walk, but to wildlife it’s refuge

A boardwalk curves through wetlands at Four Mile Creek Greenway. Photo: Nancy Pierce Mecklenburg County’s greenways are more than places to jog, bicycle or escape the city’s hurly-burly. Surrounded by urbanization, they provide increasingly rare refuges for wildlife. Part of KEEPING WATCH on HABITAT. 

Your backyard can be habitat for wildlife

Flowers and a statue decorate Ernie McLaney's wildlife habitat garden How some local residents scrapped pesticides and herbicides and created a haven for native plants and animals – and even welcome insects. Part of KEEPING WATCH on HABITAT.

How will light rail transform University City? Find out on a City Walk

The group who took part in the 2016 walk through the Belmont neighborhood. Stroll under tall trees. Roll (on your bike) along a streetcar route. Hear history on Charlotte’s most storied date: May 20. Registration open for 18 free City Walks to help you learn your city.