Union County

Below are articles about Union County or about the whole metropolitan region.


Charlotte metro: Still high-growth, still strong at core

Of metro areas with more than 1 million people, Charlotte ranked ninth nationally in population growth from 2011 to 2012. That growth was strongest at the center of the metro area, in Mecklenburg County, which outpaced the suburban counties in the region for the second year. (Image: Bing maps)

Contest: Show us the places you love

What places in our region have a hold on your heart? For our first anniversary, PlanCharlotte.org is sponsoring a photo contest for our readers. (Photo: Nancy Pierce)

HOT lanes: A hot topic at Huntersville meeting

Huntersville Town Hall was the setting for Wednesday afternoon’s public information meeting about HOT (High Occupancy Toll) lanes proposed on I-77. HOT lanes are a red-hot topic, and citizens were vocal about their concerns. Is the region ready to accept pay-as-you-go highways? (Photo: Melissa Currie)

Is the Charlotte region ready for another boom?

Times have been tough in the local economy, but it looks as if we’ve finally turned the corner. If growth is starting to make a comeback, exactly where will it be? Is your county ready? (Photo:  U.S. Census Bureau, Public Information Office)

Is Gen Y really breaking up with the car?

By 2011, the average American was driving 6 percent fewer miles per year than in 2004 – with Echo Boomers leading the trend. Here in Mecklenburg County, however, younger drivers are on the road more, not less.

Some ‘zombie’ subdivisions rising from dead

In the wake of the financial crash, many real estate developments across the Charlotte region appear frozen in various stages of construction. But a few of these so-called “zombie subdivisions” may be reviving, as developers regain their financial footing and, in some cases, propose new plans. (Click here for a photo gallery of abandoned subdivisions in and around Charlotte.)

Home values in region: Clusters of highs, lows

How much are homes in your neighborhood worth? The era of upside-down mortgages and foreclosures has left homeowners across the country anxious about home values – theirs and their neighbors'. In the midst of this housing market upheaval, explosive growth in the Charlotte region has reshaped residential patterns.

Piedmont cities plan for traffic – foot traffic

Since 2004, 25 towns and cities in the Charlotte region have drafted or adopted pedestrian plans to increase walkability and safety. Waxhaw's plan is due for adoption this month.

Anson tries again for countywide zoning

Anson County is reigniting efforts to complete a contentious enterprise that has been in the works since a 2005 ordinance: countywide zoning.

Planners offer ideas for uptown freeway loop

As Charlotte mulls how to retool its uptown freeway loop, city transportation planners have put 22 ideas on the table. Meanwhile, others are pondering a more radical idea: What if the loop didn’t exist at all?