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We know many of you are map-lovers, so we’ve collected a selection of online maps to provoke thought and spark exploration. We’ll regularly feature a recent map of particular interest. We have included a set of maps featuring the Charlotte region, from the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute’s three websites. Below those are links to intriguing maps we found online.

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Maps we like

  • Mapping the marriage market

    More young people than ever in the U.S. are unmarried, but the ratio of unmarried men to women varies from place to place. The Pew Research Center has put it all together in an interactive map.
  • Mapping the country's dialects

    N.C. State researcher Joshua Katz has created an interactive map of national dialect differences.
  • Mapping the rise of craft beer

    The New Yorker created this interactive map of the craft brew industry in the U.S. Cheers. *Note: This map does not work in Microsoft Internet Explorer and some versions of Google Chrome.
  • Office space vs. parking space

    How much parking space does an office really need?