Mecklenburg County

Below are articles about Mecklenburg County or about the whole metropolitan region.

Study: Charlotte region lags in food economy, farmers markets

Garlic scapes in a pile on a tablecloth at the Davidson Farmers Market in 2011. Photo: Nancy Pierce A new report finds Charlotte and its region are underperforming in many measurements of its local food economy. 

Energy action plan for Charlotte inches ahead

Solar panels atop the Discovery Place parking deck in uptown Charlotte. Photo courtesy of Spotlight Solar Charlotte first adopted a greenhouse gas emission reduction resolution in 2007.  Now, 11 years later, the City Council is considering a new resolution to move the initiative ahead.

Growing Indian population brings new businesses to University City

Patel Brothers grocery store in a University City Boulevard strip center. Photo: Mary Newsom People born in India are the second most populous group of foreign-born nationals in Mecklenburg County, with University City a popular destination for these newcomers.

Eviction court: Where tenants, landlords, and the law converge

Yellow sign on door announces a padlocking. Photo: Mary Newsom When eviction lands in court, landlords usually have lawyers, and tenants rarely do. A local program to arm tenants with information aims to alter that imbalance.

Parks not keeping pace with Charlotte growth

Moving back to Charlotte after 10 years away, I noticed changes in Latta Park. Were my memories idealized? Had it always looked like this? Or had it been neglected in my absence? Commentary.

As possessions expand, so do self-storage businesses

Self-storage facilities used to hide in the shadows, mostly low-slung, metal sheds spread out over a few acres of asphalt. But over the past decade, newer designs mean multistory buildings in visible places. Can these buildings fit into an urban context?

How do Millennials want Charlotte to grow? #ShapeCLT has a vision.

Blackboard totems with colored chalk have appeared around Charlotte to get people's ideas. From a plan for supporting live music to pushing to be “radically inclusive” and “urgently innovative,” a group of UNC Charlotte students are coming up with their own vision for Charlotte.

Hit ‘reset’ on UDO and find a vision, planning director says

The Savoy apartments under construction along Stonewall Street in uptown Charlotte, photographed in March. Photo: Nancy Pierce As community confusion over “UDO” and “Place Types” continues, Charlotte’s new planning director recommends changing course in order to develop a vision.

Uptown art to ‘Edge City’ growth: Learn Charlotte on foot

  Photo: Nancy Pierce Charlotte neighborhoods all have stories to tell, and a great way to hear them is to go on a City Walk. They’re free walking tours throughout May. Here’s how to register.

Building? Demolitions? Explore neighborhood data

Houses under construction in February in the Berewick development off Dixie River Road. Photo: Nancy Pierce Did residential construction in Mecklenburg County rise last year? Where do fewer students attend their assigned public school? That information and more can be at your fingertips.