How Charlotte area school districts scored on the SAT

The maps below show a breakdown of the SAT scores for school districts in the Charlotte region. The top map shows the score that most people are familiar with, which combines the math and critical reading scores.  Click the buttons above the map to see other score totals and the percentage of students tested in each district. Scroll below for more information about the data and a link to the Regional Indicators’ interactive graph tool to see district comparisons over time.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has an average score just below the N.C. state average for combined math and reading scores as well as the total combined score that includes writing (second map).  Schools within CMS ranged widely, from more than 1,700 to less than 1,200 on the total combined scores (math, critical reading and writing).

The last map shows the percentage of students taking the SAT by district. N.C. students take the SAT at a higher rate than the country (52 percent of U.S. students took the test in 2010, versus 68 percent in North Carolina). South Carolina students take the test at the national average (51.8 percent in S.C. compared to 52 percent nationally).

Click here for the online data tool that allows for comparison of district scores for multiple years.

Keith Waters wrote this article while a graduate student working at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute in 2012-2013.