Author and transit activist Benjamin Ross to speak May 28

Benjamin Ross, the author of Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism (Oxford University Press, 2014), will discuss his book at the UNC Charlotte Center City Building on May 28 at 6 p.m. Ross's speech will be followed by a discussion with a local panel.

Ross, an environmental scientist and long-time transit advocate in suburban Washington, has put together a history of suburbia, and the attitudes that created it and that shape opposition to development in suburbs and cities alike. He is generally not a fan of NIMBYs – a slang term for people with a Not In My Back Yard attitude – although he notes that sometimes they are right. He even believes that the NIMBY movement, which arose in the 1970s, is seeing a convergence of the left with the right. For more on Ross's book, check out his interview with Plan Charlotte's Mary Newsom here.

The event is sponsored by, the UNC Charlotte Master in Urban Design Program, and Sustain Charlotte. Panel members include:

  • Ken Szymanski, executive director of the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association; 
  • Kathy Hill, Stonehaven neighborhood activist;
  • Shannon Binns, director of Sustain Charlotte; and 
  • John Howard, director of the Charlotte Planning Department’s Historic District Commission.

UNC Charlotte Center City Building
320 E. 9th St.