Foxx: Bikes, pedestrians are priority, too

U.S. Secretary of Transportation and former Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx gave urbanists and bike enthusiasts hope this week with his remarks at the Transportation Research Board, Streetsblog D.C. writer Tanya Snyder reports. Foxx, referencing increasing pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and deaths on Charlotte streets during his time as mayor, said he would “look out for modes that traditionally don’t get much attention,” like walking and biking. Foxx said he was once hit by a car while jogging, but was not injured. 

During Foxx’s time as mayor, car-centric Charlotte established a bike-sharing systemincreased its share of bike lanes and made other pedestrian-friendly improvements.

Foxx also hinted at the legacy of urban renewal projects and socioeconomic inequalities in Charlotte and other U.S. cities.

“Growing up in my hometown of Charlotte, I saw the indent of a highway loop that separated one part of the city from its central business district, and another highway project that divided a neighborhood in half, creating more stress on already stressed communities,” Foxx said. “I don’t think transportation should just help us get places better,” he said. “It should help us make places better — and help improve the quality of life of people all across our country.”

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